AFE invites applications for four grant programs available to teachers and school personnel

Learn more about AFE Grants!

The Albany Fund for Education and the Office of Professional Development hosted a Google Meet on Tuesday, November 21, 2021 to go over the different types of grants available to educators and school personnel in the Albany City School District. The session was recorded, and is available for district employees through My Learning Plan. If you have questions about grants, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.

Resource Grants

Resource Grants – a new grant opportunity from AFE – allow teachers to request funding for specific one-time classroom needs or to support field trips. Resource grants do not require a community partner, and can range from $50 – $500. Resource grants require sign-off from the building principal in order to ensure equitable distribution of funds.

Resource Grant Example: Teacher wants to replace the classroom incubator used for her annual chick hatching project.

To apply for a Resource Grant application, click for an application in pdf or word.

Partnership Grants

Partnership Grants support classroom projects and programs implemented with the involvement of a community partner. Awards range from $500-$1,500 for individual schools, with grants up to $2,500 for projects involving multiple schools or Albany High School academies. AFE can help line up community partners and flesh out initial ideas for your grant proposal.

Partnership Grant Example: Teacher wants to replace the classroom incubator used for her annual chick hatching project and take her students on a field trip to a farm to release the baby chicks and see actual chickens and eggs. The farm is the community partner.

To apply for a Partnership Grant, click for an application in pdf or word.

Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants are similar to Partnership Grants, but on a larger scale. Innovation Grants are intended for multi-school or large-scale projects with project budgets of $2,500 or more that introduce new ideas and resources to the District. Innovation Grants may also support pilot programs with a plan for later expansion. The participation of a community partner in Innovation Grants is highly recommended, but is not required. Innovation grants require sign-off from the relevant administrator, who may be a building leader or a district-wide administrator.

Innovation Grant Example: Elementary Science Curriculum leader and teachers want to introduce a chick hatching unit in all district schools. One incubator per school is purchased along with relevant grade level fiction and non-fiction books, the partnership with the farm is expanded, and a professional development workshop on integrating chicks across the curriculum is offered.

To apply for an Innovation Grant, click for an application in pdf or word.

COVID-19 Teacher Reimbursement Grants

COVID-19 Teacher Reimbursement Grants offer reimbursement of up to $100 per teacher for supplies or resources purchased by teachers to help teach virtually, or directly support their students engaged in online learning.​

To apply for a Teacher Reimbursement Grant, click here for an application.

Any questions applying for grants?

Proposals are accepted, reviewed, and awarded throughout the year. See the grant application for monthly consideration deadlines and address questions to Mari Shopsis, AFE at 518-417-2107, (; or Barry Walston, Grant Committee Chair at 518-441-9877.  An AFE Board member will be happy to discuss an idea with you prior to submitting the proposal. In addition, we ask that you complete and submit the Grant Evaluation Form within one month of completing your project.