The Albany Fund for Education gets a lot of used instruments through our Instrument Donation Program. However, some of the instruments we get though donations are not in the best condition and need repairs.





With a significant discount from our friends at John Keal Music, AFE is bringing these musical instruments back to life. Over 450 instruments are getting a second life and are being used by students in the Albany City School district.

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our instrument donors, our budget has been exhausted for this year. Even after donations from the Albany Friends of Music, Aimee Allaud, and others we still have instruments waiting to be repaired. We have several flutes and clarinets along with an oboe and tenor saxophone that are in dire need of repair. With your financial support, AFE can help bring these beautiful instruments back to prime condition and into the hands of students.

How to Fund Repairs

email or call 518-417-2107 to arrange a financial donation. AFE is a 501c3 organization, so all donations are ta deductible to the full extent of state and federal laws and will be receipted accordingly.